Customer service is critical to companies. In fact, great customer service can be the difference between keeping a customer loyal or pushing them to one of your competitors. However, many companies overlook that their first line of customers is their employees. All companies have internal services whose primary function is to address employee needs such as Human Resources and Payroll. Providing superior external customer service begins with unsurpassed internal customer (employee) service. OSAM's customer service workflow and document scanning solutions can provide you with a system that eliminates both employee and customer dissatisfaction by giving them immediate access to the information they need, via email, fax or image.

What We Do

OSAM offers a wide variety of solutions for business processes. Streamlining these processes into a document management system for workflow and central repository purposes minimizes time spent locating documents and awaiting the approval process, therefore increasing productivity and enhancing customer service. OSAM has records management solutions for Human Resources, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Engineering and can design a workflow solution for active records in each department.

Our internal/external customer service workflow solutions have helped companies convert and scan all their customers' historical client paperwork to create an automated workflow process designed for maintaining exceptional customer satisfaction. Automating processes reduces the paper-centric tedious tasks of employees and provides time for focused customer service.

Your customers and employees will no longer have to wait for their information. With OSAM’s document management solutions, clients and employees have instant online access to everything from medical records to claims to commission statements. Customers can login to a vendor portal or sign up for automatic email notices Our paperless solutions are specifically designed to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Offer instant access to content via email, fax, images or customer portal
  • Provide guaranteed communication to clients via automated notifications and information
  • Decrease errors on customer and personnel information
  • Resolve customer issues in two to three minutes instead of two to three days
  • Reduce processing costs and increase customer savings
  • Improve cycle times, accuracy and reduce costs


Position your employees to provide the ideal customer service experience with OSAM Document Solutions.