Why Outsource Back File Scanning Services?

OSAM’s document scanning services bureau is located at our corporate office in Phoenix. Our facility is a HIPAA compliant, 2,000+ square foot safe haven that was originally approved by the State of Arizona as a vault for the storage of microfilm/fiche. We also provide state-of-the-art hardware, high quality scanners, software and experienced personnel to perform onsite and offsite scanning services of any scale and type, including microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, maps, drawings, books, blueprints, vellums and mylars. Scanned images can be uploaded in a variety of formats and in color, grayscale or black and white. We provide scheduled scanning services from daily to yearly to meet the scanning requirements of our clients.

So what does OSAM offer? We offer onsite and offsite back file scanning services of any magnitude. We provide scheduled document scanning services anywhere from daily to yearly to meet the overflow scanning requirements of our clients. We also offer "emergency catch up" services to self-sufficient scanning operations that run into down time issues due to unexpected equipment or staffing problems. We also offer day forward scanning. Businesses that are thinking about implementing day forward scanning should review our “Why Outsource Back File Scanning” white paper before tackling the large volume storage areas.

Each back file document scanning services project is carefully analyzed to determine the best feasible solution. Current storage, document condition, magnitude, and index reliability issues are examined and reported on a site survey report. We apply reverse engineering processes to insure the final deliverable fits a current Document Management System or design a Document Management Solution using state of the art software and design principles. Database and document analysis procedures are performed based on this targeted result.

Quality Control of boxes, records, and documents are vital at OSAM. Tracking and ensuring every page is scanned and associated to proper records is critical to meet today's compliance standards. OSAM is dedicated to the utmost quality standard and partners with its clients to achieve this goal. State of the art bar code and capture techniques are available to minimize level of effort, reduce cost and increase index reliability.

Document Scanning

OSAM document scanning services can scan in any color content for any type of document type including standard size documents, legal documents, maps, drawings, manuals and reports. Sepias, vellums, blueprints or mylars in any condition can be digitized using "batch" or "safe handling" techniques. To meet archival requirements, our conversion services can "write to microfilm" for both large drawing and letter size documents. OSAM personnel have the knowledge base and expertise to scan any category of record from both government and private sector including court records, case files, applications, permits, subdivision/tracts, zoning files, address files, reports, facility drawings, medical charts, AP/AR files, HR records and project files.


OSAM Document Solutions, Inc. provides microfilm scanning services that can bring your existing film archive, large or small, into your document management system or an archival microfilm software solution. We have been working with microfilm for decades, and our experienced team offers attention to detail and excellent customer service.

You will receive the highest quality images from your 100' or 215' 16mm or 35mm roll film. Our microfilm conversion and scanning services allows you to convert your film to a variety of image formats including TIFF, JPEG, and PDF. Our microfilm conversion process is designed to provide the utmost safety when handling your original film. OSAM is the right service provider to perform this vital service quickly and accurately.


Today, many valuable collections of information remain on microfiche, which requires antiquated equipment and processes to find, display and print images. This hardware has become expensive to repair or replace. Converting microfiche images to digital images provides the following advantages:

  • Save time and money by retrieving, printing and distributing information from your desktop
  • Reclaim the space consumed by bulky microfiche equipment, supplies and maintenance
  • Preserve image quality by eliminating image wear from analog format

Using state-of-the-art microfiche scanning and conversion software, OSAM produces images as good or better than the quality of the original film. All microfiche types can be converted into various digital image formats. Whether your microfiche is 24X, 32X, 42X, or 48X, 16mm, 35mm or 105mm jacketed fiche or COM, your microfiche scanning project will be done on time and within budget.

Drawings and Maps

OSAM Document Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer the most technologically advanced, large format scanning solutions for maps, drawings, plans, posters or other over-sized documents, as well as mylars, sepias, bluelines, or bond prints. Our staff is familiar with all media types and can invert old fashion blueprints or apply reverse imaging for difficult sepias.

Our in-house large format scanning solutions have advanced large-format imaging capabilities:

  • Originals up to 42" by any reasonable length, over 10' supported.
  • Resolution up to 600 DPI
  • Bitonal or grayscale scanning.
  • TIFF, and PDF formats compressed or uncompressed (CCITTG4, JPEG, PNG, BMP, LZW)
  • Archival microfilm backup is available from your scanned images.

Aperture Cards

Aperture cards contain valuable data that, by definition, isn’t easily accessible. Conversion to any format, including TIFF, PDF, JPEG, GIF or JIF simplifies record retention and retrieval.

Bound Books

Transfer any paper book to a clear, searchable format. OSAM can convert your books for text search or electronic upload and output by MP3 and other e-book devices. We have advanced book scanning hardware and conversion software to fulfill every need.

OSAM document scanning services supports all export types for major Document Management Systems, Legal Software Systems and Electronic Health Records. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  1. FileNET
  2. OnBase
  3. McKesson
  4. Concordance
  5. LaserFiche
  6. PaperClip
  7. MedPlus
  8. I-PRO
  9. SIRE
  10. ViewCenter
  11. Meditrieve
  12. Summation Blaze