OSAM Process

The First Time We Meet

The ultimate goal on the first appointment is to come to a decision to move to the next step and allow OSAM to bring in a Senior Solutions Analyst to do a more in-depth survey of the clients wants and needs. It is during this appointment that we can answer questions regarding our process and for the client to get to know OSAM. 

Survey Business Requirements

During this stage, a Senior Solutions Analysts performs an onsite in-depth survey using a proven measurable imaging analysis discovery method. This survey stage pinpoints customer inefficiencies and problematic areas as it relates to their current manual procedures and ineffective automated business imaging processes. This survey session is free of charge.

Survey Review

The OSAM Senior Solutions Analyst will again meeting with the client to review, in detail, the survey that was performed at the clients organization. This allows a high level overview of the inefficiencies and pain points that are present in the customers environment. Once this has been solidified, the Senior Solutions analyst moves to the next step. 


A conceptual demonstration of the proposed solution is presented by the Senior Solutions Analyst to all parts or levels of the organization. The customer’s pain points will have been addressed and the automation of the enhanced efficiencies will be accounted for in the demonstration. The customer will get to see what the solution will really look like first hand. No smoke and mirrors here. 

Implementation and Installation

OSAM will engage our professional service group from this stage forward. Our project management team will coordinate a kick-off meeting to align everyone on the project. A high level overview will take place with the SSA and the customer to provide information regarding the rest of the OSAM team of the project requirements. Our Professional Services team will then engage in a system discovery: taking the information provided by  the SSA, and expanding upon it to a very detailed technical level. We will then present functional specification to the customer for approval. Once approved, the installation process beings. 

Post-Installation Support

Imagine having a dedicated team to assist with any issues that arise. That’s where our technical support team steps in. If you experience any issue with your system, just call us. We’re  there to help post installation and beyond.