Oil & Gas

Addressing the numerous operational intricacies of a natural-energy conglomerate is a daunting task. Whether it’s refining, exploration, production, or establishing the pipeline between producers and refineries, companies within the industry are expansive, tend to have subsidiaries with various contracts, and employees spanning the globe. Immediate access to documents and quick turn-around in the approvals process is an integral part of sustaining profitable operations. In order to minimize time involved in the decision process, companies need a solution to improve their business processes and shorten the time-line from initial scope, through production.

Large amounts of paper and complex interdepartmental interaction surrounding projects, and emerging opportunities, inhibit project fulfillment and challenge company controls. Flexible solutions are necessary in order to accommodate changing business needs such as: maximizing profit with the growth and reduction cycle of subsidiary’s and human capital, changing contractual agreements, and the legal requirements of the industry.

OSAM Document Solutions, Inc. can address and streamline every corner of the business by incorporating your business processes into a streamlined solution, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, Contract Management, Workflow, and Foldering to interrelate all associated documents for accessibility and user management.

OSAM’s solutions can:

  • Increase employee productivity by drastically cutting search time
  • Create a logical electronic foldering system to allow single documents to be in multiple locations
  • Ensures compliance when new companies are added
  • Increase security for sensitive documents
  • Provide document access to approved users, at any-time from anywhere
  • Frees Information Technology staff for other projects
  • Increase visibility in approvals process
  • Increase consistency and communication between departments
  • Reduce redundant data entry
  • Increase compliance without excessive costs

"OnBase's foldering capability was our number one reason for selecting the product," says Earl Browning, Headington consultant for 15 years.

OSAM can specifically design a foldering solution featuring tabs designated by the end-user, mimicking company physical folders and easing user adaptation. Customizable Folders are ideal for interrelating business entities. OnBase Folders ensure accuracy and compliance via Auto-Foldering, which automatically creates a folder hierarchy and placeholders for all required documents based on identified business rules.

Connecting your entire business, throughout every region, with organized information gathering and processing creates the optimum knowledge-based decision process.