Manufacturing Data Management

The manufacturing process has drastically changed over the last 20 years. With Lean Manufacturing and now Agile Manufacturing, companies are utilizing new technology, especially manufacturing data management systems, to deploy the latest information to a broader spectrum of partners and affiliates.

More companies are realizing the importance of records data management. With easy access to digital content, the access privileges, security and legal retention period for this content is critical.  With integration to line of business software and workflow processes; retention processes can be accurately started, put on hold for legal reasons, and launched for specific disposition practices.

OSAM helps manufacturing companies quickly convert their existing content for immediate use. Hyland OnBase WEB access, security control, revision control, workflow processes and cross reference links insure the latest information is available to engineering, production and management teams at any location.

Any engineering content can be converted to digital at OSAM. Mylar/sepia and vellum drawings, bluelines, and aperture cards can be scanned and indexed for accurate retrieval. OSAM's experienced team will evaluate your production process and design an index strategy that can cross reference project folders, engineering drawings, Engineering Change Order's, accounting information, and other critical project content.

OSAM Document Solutions will enhance your Product Lifecycle Management by integrating people, data, processes and business systems throughout your business.