iPad and Tablet Forms Software

Mi Co

Is your organization or enterprise interested in using the iPad™ or Android™ Slates for business purposes? Struggling with how to bridge the iPad™ to your back-end Enterprise infrastructure without diverting already limited IT personnel resources and incurring undue costs?

With Mi-Co’s proven Mi-Forms Server technology acting as a middleware bridge between your iPad™ deployment and enterprise infrastructure, the traditional barriers to enterprise-level iPad™ use have been removed. The time for enterprise use of the iPad™ is now!

Having implemented mobile data collection solutions for diverse customers like the IRS, USDA, Sutter Health, AT&T and more on a variety of mobile devices including Tablet PCs, Digital Pens, Handheld PCs, PDAs and Smartphones, Mi-Co can bring the power of enterprise mobility to your iPad deployment.

Most enterprises have toyed with the idea of using an iPad™ for their mobile workers or far data collection purposes. Mi-Co customers ranging from Cardiovascular Diseases Data Collectors to Field Services personnel have approached us to discuss deploying these cost-effective, user-friendly devices to collect data electronically while on-the-go. With most enterprises IT teams already overstretched, consult with the proven mobile computing experts at Mi-Co to make your enterprise use of the iPad a reality.

Mi-Co is currently building sleek custom forms and leveraging its Mi-Forms Server as middleware to deliver the data from the iPad to traditional back-end Enterprise software. This Mi-Forms Server iPad™ solution not only enables enterprise use of the iPad™ but also eliminates significant development costs for the IT departments.

Data Capture Solution for iOS/iPad and Android Devices by Mi-Co