OSAM's insurance document management solutions have helped insurance companies convert and scan their records. Employees no longer have to spend time looking for missing or absent documents. With familiar color-coded tabs and templates, imaging folders can double productivity and save money. OSAM's insurance document management systems can help you:

  • Reduce claims processing time and cost
  • Consistently handle each claim from basic to complex
  • Provide instant and automatic access to the right documents
  • Instantly integrate with existing claims handling
  • Reduce errors in data input
  • Reduce the cost of processing and correcting
  • Improve cycle times and accuracy


OSAM's claims processing solutions give all insurance departments the ability to perform claims exceptions processing and exceptions from one central imaging repository.
Processing claims faster and more accurately not only means you beat the clock—it means you save money, claim after claim.  Insurance companies were among the first to embrace scanning and document management to help control costs and streamline their operations, which depend on the ability to rapidly and accurately process claims and policies. OSAM has implemented software to scan and process the full spectrum of insurance documents. Many respected insurance companies have chosen OSAM to help them capture policies, applications, claims and enrollments. 


OSAM's underwriting solutions help underwriters balance speed, service and profitability with the precision and accuracy of a tightrope walker. Without it, underwriters are forced to rely on manual, paper-based processes and legacy systems that limit accessibility and put the organization in jeopardy. The speed, risk and profitability concerns that underwriting teams balance can mean the difference to your company's bottom line. OnBase brings information together from multiple sources to give underwriters the tools they need to most effectively manage risk. No more thumbing through papers and folders or flipping between three separate screens; underwriters have all the data they need in one place—at their fingertips.

  • Consistently write accurate, quality policies in a timely manner
  • Automate processing to ensure consistent decisions and reduce risk
  • Provide instant access to all relevant information across applications and repositories
  • Enable instant reporting

Customer Service - OSAM has developed systems that allow for immediate access of insurance documents at any given time.

  • Automate touch points and increase meaningful customer communication
  • Ensure consistent, timely customer communication
  • Respond to customer inquiries faster and enable single-call resolution and self-service
  • Identify your best representatives with process transparency

Back Office

OnBase allows operations teams to spend time working on projects that they were hired to do instead of managing paper. In addition to resolving document management, OnBase increases employee productivity and morale, freeing them time to make a difference for you.

  • Automate agency communications in real-time, including commission statements and policy changes
  • Simplify order processing and three-way matching
  • Never recreate a document again - integrate with virtually any ERP and HR system, including SAP, Lawson and PeopleSoft
  • Shorten the hiring cycle to find and hire the best people