Human Resources Document Management

Very few departments experience the tremendous amount of paperwork that commonly infiltrates every aspect of the Human Resources department. Instead of the ability to focus on the higher value tasks, such as finding and keeping the best employees, meeting compliance standards and managing time-sensitive payroll processes, HR professionals often find themselves wading through piles of paper, attempting some form of organizational semblance.

OSAM’s human resources document management solution is the remedy to your HR frustrations. Completely eliminating all HR paperwork may not be attainable, but by automating many of the processes, OnBase makes it substantially easier to control. From recruiting and onboarding to payroll and records management, OnBase electronically manages the documents and processes, so you can focus on the people. 

  • Utilize electronic forms such as employee applications as part of the workflow lifecycle
  • Automatically check for associated document types (Does the I9, W4, Resume and Application exist?)
  • Ability to send automated notification to employees and managers
  • Validate HR document exist before the hiring process
  • Automatic onboarding manager approval process

We understand that handling the needs of your most valuable asset, your employees, is vital to the success of your organization. That’s why OnBase human resources document management solutions integrates with your HR system, including payroll and ERP applications, so you get the most out of the software that you’ve already invested in. Processes aren’t delayed due to missing paper or information.


OnBase frees recruiters and hiring managers from paperwork so they can focus on finding the talent. From sorting and distributing applications and resumes to the right people, to scheduling interviews, to creating and sending correspondence, OnBase handles the busywork so you don’t have to.


Scan or import documents into OnBase to auto-file them into the correct electronic folders. Role-based security means only the people granted permissions to look at specified documents are able to do so. If anything is missing, such as a document from a hiring packet, OnBase alerts you. Based on the parameters you program into the system, document destruction is completed automatically. Plus, OnBase ensures employee files are complete, accurate and current. Now that’s compliance that anyone can manage.


OnBase integrates with your payroll software to keep documents in synch with data. Make and track changes faster and easier. Real time reports provide expedited responses; electronic forms track fluctuations and the reasons behind them. Employees will trust in a consistent, accurate pay check and you’ll no longer spend payday correcting errors. Everyone is happy.

“Going paperless, with OnBase brings efficiencies and control to business process workflows that usually start with a piece of paper. There is no end to what you can do!” –Mary Thompson, Intranet Services, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store