Government Legal Document Management

OSAM helps government entities do more with less. In a time when resources are low and budgets are strained, document management and content management solutions from OSAM enable government offices to provide improved services to constituents without hiring additional staff. They also allow government agencies to empower the public through self-service websites and kiosks.

OSAM has document management solutions in a number of Arizona's cities and towns, all 15 counties, and many Arizona state agencies. We work with these agencies to create cost-effective solutions for the critical business problems they face.

In today's difficult economy, proving a quick return on investment (ROI) is crucial before OSAM begins implementation. We assist you in documenting the cost benefits before presenting the anticipated ROI in order to simplify budgeting for legal records management projects. We also provide software and services through various existing contracts and make them available to new and current customers.


Cities and towns use OSAM for document and records management. Multiple departments can use OSAM's software and services to improve customer performance, meet records compliance, and increase employee efficiency by giving them immediate access to documents. OSAM has worked with cities and towns in the following departments: records department accounts payable, public works, community development, Clerk of the Board, fire department, police department, Information Technology, courts, Human Resources and more.


OSAM supports document management systems in individual departments and across entire counties. Several of Arizona's counties have made OSAM's systems their official document management solution. Counties have used their OSAM system to make government operations more accessible to customers through customer service centers, external-facing websites and self-service kiosks. OSAM has worked with cities and towns in the following departments: records management, department of transportation, flood, courts, Treasurer, Assessor, Clerk of the Board, Public Fiduciary, Materials Management, Recorder, Sheriff's Office, Office of Enterprise Technology, IT, Finance and more.


OSAM supports document management and records management systems in multiple Arizona state agencies. Some in single departments and others are throughout the entire enterprise. OSAM's solutions have saved millions of dollars for Arizona state agencies. A critical factor in the success of OSAM's systems in the state has been the ability to allow those organizations to maintain the same level of service to their constituents while dealing with job cuts or the inability to hire additional staff.


OSAM has an impressive resume of experience in providing legal document management systems to courts in the state of Arizona. OSAM installed and currently supports over 20 court systems in the State ranging from limited jurisdiction (cities/towns), to general jurisdiction (counties), to the Arizona Supreme Court. OSAM currently holds a contract with the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to provide document management software, hardware, scanning and services to courts in the state of Arizona.