Education Records Management

Due to the nature of the institution, educational establishments deal with overwhelming amounts of paper documents. Beginning with the admissions/registration process through continued enrollment, correspondence, student personnel records, report cards, transcripts, and finally graduation; schools and university operations are built on content management. Add in the element of various computer applications, email, and the number of people involved in the lifecycle of each student, tracking and maintaining every aspect of student records becomes a daunting task. OSAM Document Solutions integrates applications and paper documents into one document management system that is easily accessed by multiple users and contains both view-only and revisable electronic documents.

Introducing our workflow solution from the initial point of entry creates a unique profile for each student. This electronic file grows along with the student’s educational experience. The workflow module is customizable to allow integration with a multitude of pre-existing applications, templates and forms. Applications can be submitted for authorization by one user and approved by another, initiating an automated flag to begin the registration process. Instructors can maintain test scores and grades while administration updates the student’s health care records and the student or parent views their instructor’s feedback from their latest project. Security rights are pre-determined to allow access to specific documents by approved users only.

Why an Electronic Records Management system?

  • Central records repository
  • Automate processes
  • Document back-up and recovery
  • Immediate and multiple user access
  • Adhere to retention regulations
  • Reduce and control operating costs

Manage Records Content

  • Applications, Admissions, Registrations
  • Personnel Records
  • Athletic and Academic Extracurricular Activities
  • Awards
  • Financial Statements
  • Vehicle/Parking Records
  • Report Cards & Transcripts
  • Emails and memos

In addition, streamline Administrative processes with the OnBase document management system. Handle all of your Human Resources, and Accounts Payable and Receivable tasks through automation. Your entire organization will operate with efficiency and seamlessly with the help of OSAM.