OSAM, Inc: Document Management

In 1974, Office Systems and Machines (OSAM) of Arizona, Inc. commenced operations in Phoenix. The company provided local businesses and agencies with office equipment and filing systems. After six years as the companies Service Manager, Ronald Thompson Sr. purchased OSAM and became the Chief Financial Operator. The OSAM acronym eventually transitioned to Optical Systems and Micrographics, and later MicroImaging, as the market progressed into the digital age. OSAM became a member of, and continues to maintain its charter membership with the Independent Information Management Dealers Association (IIMDA) and the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM).

OSAM’s pledge to our customers is to meticulously complete every project, from inception through implementation and provide continued support, thereafter. We are motivated by resolving our customer’s inefficiencies and enjoy sharing our knowledge. OSAM employees exhibit our “A-game” in everything that we do, due to continued enrichment of our company culture. It’s the extension of OSAM’s internal core values that afford our customers continued individualized service throughout initial implementation, scanning services, maintenance, support, upgrades and new modules.

The UPLIFT OSAM core value structure:

Unified – We have a culture where customers and employees are the primary focus

Passion – We are inspired by the value that our company provides

Leadership – We lead by example

Innovation – Our success is driven by our commitment to think outside of the box

Fun – Having fun is part of our everyday work life

Trust – We always do the “right” thing

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide solutions that create the most efficient and automated business processes by going paperless.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a culture that will UPLIFT our employees every day. This creates a true dedication to ensure success for every customer.

Our Promise

Our promise is to get the job done right and have fun doing it.