Cloud Solutions

Electronic Document Management World Class Infrastructure for Real World Budgets

OnBase OnLine document management allows organizations to rapidly and cost effectively implement OnBase Electronic Content Management solutions without the need to expand or build an in-house network. Like a cloud solution, OnBase OnLine customers gain the functionality and benefits of OnBase within a completely outsourced data center that is redundant and secure. As a result, organizations can combine the strength of a central content repository with the flexibility of an on-demand Web application, eliminating the often project-prohibitive investment required to create a sound technological infrastructure.

Deploying OnBase in OnBase OnLine's world-class online document management hosted environment makes it possible for departments or entire enterprises to quickly begin managing content-centric processes to increase efficiency, improve productivity, support governance, risk and compliance (GRC) initiatives, reduce operational costs and free resources for higher value tasks that increase revenue and improve customer service.

The Six Layers of OnBase OnLine

SysTrust® Certified, OnBase OnLine document management employs a multi-layered, state-of-the-art approach to security, incorporating high-security firewalls, intrusion detection systems and encrypted passwords. Transmission to and from OnBase OnLine servers requires Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to prevent interceptions of downloaded material, and only approved users with proper credentials can view your data. Naturally, access to an organization's files is logged for compliance auditing.

Two options are available for engaging OnBase OnLine document management. Customers can use the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, paying a monthly fee for the use of the OnBase software modules they select and the hosting service. A hosting-only online document management model is also available, which allows an organization to own a perpetual software license(s), while still taking advantage of the benefits realized by outsourcing the use and maintenance of the network and servers.

ODSI Content Solutions

ODSI Cloud

The ODSI small business solution is also available in a cloud environment. With limited staffing resources, automation effectively reduces manual processes, and improves efficiency by increasing productivity. Designed for 30 users or less, ODSI delivers all of the features of a large Electronic Document Management System, bundled for small business entities. Enterprise-class document management affords business owners with the ability to streamline processes and foster competency in their company, in the same respect as a large corporation. Automating modules can be added as a business needs expand, adding further value to the existing system.

Small enterprises that recognize the benefits of document management solutions but don’t have the resources to establish and maintain the complex technological functionality are perfectly suited for the ODSI Cloud. Lighten the operational load by fostering efficiency & productivity, increasing controls, reducing risk and enhancing compliance methods. Continue to focus on your business and reduce operational costs by letting the document solutions experts at OSAM handle the implementation and continued maintenance of your document management system.

At OSAM, we help our customer’s select the right mix of functionality and service model, as well as provide recommendations for connectivity and corresponding hardware.