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Congratulations to the OSAM “Best Of” Award Winners for 2009!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Each year OSAM recognizes one or more of its end users who have either implemented a unique solution or realized a significant cost and/or time savings by using OSAM products.  In 2009 we had three customers who met both of these qualifications!

Congratulations to the Maricopa County Assessor Office for winning a “Best Of” award for 2009! The Maricopa County Assessor Office used OnBase and Canon scanners to automate their appeals process. Prior to this, their process for approving or denying appeals was largely paper-based and therefore quite labor-intensive.  This required employees to work overtime to get the paperwork processed before the deadline.  After the implementation of OnBase, the Assessor’s Office processed 50% more appeals than the previous year without requiring a single employee to work an hour of overtime.  This saved $31,000 in overtime costs when compared with the previous year.

Increased processing efficiency and reduced overtime costs were the greatest benefits recognized by Maricopa, but they also had the added bonus of about $23,000 in savings on file folders and other paper storage costs since OnBase allowed them to replace paper with electronic files.

Special acknowledgement goes to Maricopa County Office of Enterprise Technology for guiding this project through to full implementation.

Maricopa County and OSAM

Congratulations to Food Services of America for winning a “Best Of” 2009 award! Congratulations to Banner Health for winning a “Best Of” 2009 award! Banner Health implemented an OnBase and Datacap solution to better manage the explanation of benefits (EOB) documents that they receive daily.  With Datacap and OnBase, Banner is able to automate the indexing and processing of their EOBs.  Now that the EOBs are electronically processed, Datacap is able to automatically post the patient information collected from the documents to Banner’s patient billing system (Med Series).  Prior to Datacap and OnBase, this was a manual, data entry intensive process.

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