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Document Management Company: Insurance Document Management, Part 2

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

As we discussed in Part 1, the insurance document management services of a document management company such as OSAM provide multiple benefits to businesses of all sizes. Read on as we continue our discussion of the advantages of insurance document management services.


OSAM’s OnBase solutions help underwriters balance speed, service and profitability with the precision and accuracy of a tightrope walker. Without OnBase, underwriters are forced to rely on manual, paper-based processes and legacy systems that limit accessibility and put the organization in jeopardy. The speed, risk and profitability concerns that underwriting teams balance can mean the difference to your company’s bottom line. OnBase brings information together from multiple sources to give underwriters the tools they need to most effectively manage risk. No more thumbing through papers and folders or toggling between three separate screens; with OnBase underwriters have all the data they need in one place—at their fingertips.

  • Consistently write accurate, quality policies in a timely manner
  • Automate processing to ensure consistent decisions and reduce risk
  • Provide instant access to all relevant information across applications and repositories
  • Enable instant reporting

Customer Service – Our document management company has developed imaging systems that allow for immediate access to insurance documents at any given time.

  • Automate touch points and increase meaningful customer communication
  • Improve consistency and timeliness of customer communication
  • Respond to customer inquiries faster and enable single-call resolution as well as self-service
  • Identify your best representatives with process transparency

Back Office – OnBase frees operations teams to spend their time working on the projects they were hired to do instead of putting all their efforts into managing paper. In addition to resolving the document management problem, our document management company’s software increases employee productivity and morale, giving them the time and willingness to make a difference for you.

  • Automate agency communications in real-time, including commission statements and policy changes
  • Simplify order processing and three-way matching
  • Never recreate a document again – integrate with virtually any ERP and HR system including SAP, Lawson and PeopleSoft
  • Shorten the hiring cycle to find and hire the best people

For more information about our document management company, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Arizona Document Management Company: Insurance Document Management

Monday, January 17th, 2011

OSAM, an Arizona document management company, provides insurance document management solutions that allow insurance companies to convert and scan their records.  OSAM also creates an automated adjudication claims workflow process for each individual insurance company.

In the insurance industry, it’s all about handling each claim – from the simplest to the most sophisticated – with precision and speed. With this Arizona document management company’s insurance solution, employees no longer have to spend time looking for missing or absent documents. With familiar color-coded tabs and templates, imaging folders can double productivity and save money. Our insurance document management solutions give all insurance departments the ability to perform claims exceptions processing and exceptions from one central imaging repository.

Processing claims faster and more accurately not only better equips you to fight the clock—it actually saves you money, claim after claim. Our Arizona document management company’s insurance document management systems can help you:

  • Reduce claims processing time and cost
  • Handle each claim consistently, from basic to complex
  • Provide instant and automatic access to the right documents
  • Instantly integrate with existing claims handling
  • Reduce errors on data input
  • Reduce the cost of processing and correcting
  • Improve cycle times and accuracy

Insurance companies were among the first to embrace scanning and document management to help control costs and streamline their operations, which depend on the ability to rapidly and accurately process claims and policies. OSAM has implemented advanced capture software to scan and process the full spectrum of insurance documents. Many respected insurance companies have chosen OSAM to help them capture policies, applications, claims and enrollments.

For more information about our Arizona document management company, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

IT Professionals Move to Electronic Record Management

Monday, December 13th, 2010

A recent article on discussed how IT professionals are being encouraged to adopt electronic record management. Read more at:

OSAM provides single source access to records management system hardware, software, supplies and services for all of your document management needs. OSAM has what you need to get the job done right the first time.

For more information about electronic record management, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Document Management: Benefits to IT Professionals

Friday, December 10th, 2010

A recent article on discussed a recent survey released that analyzed IT professionals reliance on document management. Read more at:

OSAM Document Solutions, Inc. provides document management systems that fulfill our customers and prospects needs. We survey, demonstrate, recommend, implement and support all the document management systems we provide. So you can rest assured that your document management system will stand the test of time

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Electronic Document Management Company: OnBase & Centera

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Our electronic document management company offers a wide variety of excellent software options, not least of which is OnBase compliant storage manager for Centera.

What It Is
EMC Centera is an enterprise content addressed storage (CAS) solution designed to manage documents.  Organizations have the option to store OnBase documents to the Centera platform as an alternative to standard file servers.

How it Works
The EMC Centera integration provides an additional layer of security through a “key” identification method.  Keys are generated for each item written to Centera, and only with the key can users store and retrieve content.  Once stored within OnBase, the key is utilized for subsequent retrievals ‒ promoting rapid and secure retrieval performance.  The user experience is in no way impacted by the addition of the Centera layer, and OnBase continues to provide a seamless operation.

Who Will Benefit
Organizations using the EMC Centera integration module will incur these benefits:

  • Assured Authenticity: Documents stored on Centera cannot be altered or deleted ahead of schedule.
  • Simple Management: OnBase Administrators can manage high volumes of fixed content after configuring the Centera server just once.
  • Self-healing: Centera continually monitors its storage hardware and files to detect errors.  It proactively replicates objects automatically to guarantee high availability should any failure occur.
  • Future-Proof Architecture: Documents are stored in Centera independent  of location and hardware.  As the Centera server is upgraded and grows over time, OnBase documents will always be accessible.

For more information about our electronic document management company, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Excerpt: This blog post will discuss the Centera platform and how it can be integrated with OnBase. Read more about our electronic document management company.

Why Outsource to an Electronic Document Management Company? Part 2

Friday, July 9th, 2010

In part 1 of this post we discussed how outsourcing your back file scanning services to an electronic document management company is beneficial for numerous reasons. In this segment of the post we will further discuss the benefits of outsourcing your back filing scanning to an electronic document management company.

Eliminate productivity losses

An electronic document management company can handle document preparation and indexing to keep your staff focused on their regular jobs throughout the conversion. The switch to electronic documents must be seamless from the point of view of your clients and overall business operations.  Utilizing your current staff can result in low performance. Unfortunately, one of the results of an efficient operation is the reduction of staff.  Staff members will realize the more productive they are with the task (scanning), the sooner the back file project will be completed and the sooner their job will be eliminated.  If your staff is distracted or not motivated, an in-house conversion will not be effective and your regular operations will suffer during the conversion

Eliminate the need for new staff

In-house back file conversions often require the hiring of temporary staff, most of which will require training in relation to your core business. Temporary personnel are not vested in your companies success and are often more concerned about earning a living and moving onto their next assignment.  There is a high probability that they will take these new skills to another job before your conversion is complete. This will force you to repeat the hiring and training process.


A document management company’s staff is well versed in all areas of scanning and document management.  Should a problem arise, there is a good chance that they have seen a similar problem before and can quickly address it while mitigating the potential for production delays.

These are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your back file scanning services to a document management company. Document management companies also offer business a number of other benefits and can be extremely cost-effective and time saving.

For more information about our electronic document management company, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.