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Document Scanning Technology: Graphtec CS1100 Large Format Scanner

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Continuing our discussion of the latest in document scanning technology, today we will focus specifically on the CS 1100 large format scanner. The CS1100 allows you to select from 200 dpi to 800 dpi interpolated resolution to suit the complexity of your drawing and your scanning application. In addition to monochrome drawings, the CS1100 scanner also supports 256-level grayscale and 256-color data input for sharp, clear scanning of even the most detailed images.

The CS1100 large format scanner accurately scans drawings for GIS, mapping, CAD, and document archiving as well as civil engineering applications. Detailed road maps and contour maps including extra-long documents are scanned at an accuracy of ±0.1% ±5 pixels.

A new high-pressure hold down unit is now available with the CS1100 scanner for enhanced scanning accuracy and image quality when scanning old (deteriorated) documents with creases. Check out the CS1100 Series accessories/supplies section for more details!

Use Graphtec’s Scanning Master Copy Color software to reproduce high-quality drawings that are faithful to the original. This software also enables you to connect the CS1100 Series Scanner to your favorite printer or plotter to create a large format color copier.

The CS1100 large format scanner now ships with user-friendly automatic calibration software.

With conventional color scanners, 24-bit full color data is scanned in and used as-is, resulting in large files containing more data than necessary. The color depth reduction function included in the CS1100 Series helps to eliminate this problem by reducing the wide 24-bit color spectrum with its 16.7 million colors to the 256 colors of the more practical 8-bit color spectrum, making the data much more manageable and shortening the overall processing time. You can select Standard or Optimized when creating the initial settings. You can also change the colors after the data has been scanned in using Graphtec’s high-performance scanner driver (Scanning Master 21+) which comes standard with the CS1100 large format scanners and helps to facilitate scanner setup and control.

OSAM provides single source access to the hardware, supplies and services for all of your document management needs. OSAM has what you need to get the job done.

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Document Management Technology: Canon Microfilm Scanner 350

Friday, October 29th, 2010

In today’s post we will provide an overview and discuss the features of the latest document management technology, specifically focusing on the Canon microfilm scanner 350.

With many automatic and motorized functions, the MS-350 is the premium microfilm scanner suitable for all of your business needs. All primary controls are also available on the Remote Keyboard, providing the convenience and expediency necessary for busy operators as well as those with disabilities.

The MS-350 gives you the ability to easily and efficiently retrieve images and convert film archives into digital files with Canon’s bundled CapturePerfect Software for printing, e-mailing, faxing, or storage.

Print from your local or network printer, or turn your microfilm scanner into a high-productivity Digital Microprinter System with the optional DMP board and one of Canon’s compatible compact laser printers. The Canon Fileprint 450 laser printer, with large-capacity paper cassettes, delivers high-quality laser printouts from letter to ledger-size. For optimum efficiency, there’s Canon’s economical Fileprint 250 laser printer for letter-sized printing. A real space-saver, its reliable output will enhance your workflow.

The MS-350 comes bundled with Canon’s powerful CapturePerfect software for convenient Scan to E-mail, Save-as-PDF, Text-Enhancement, Image Quality Adjustments, and more ‒ right from your desktop!

Add the optional DMP board and you can turn your microfilm scanner into a high-productivity Digital Microprinter System with one of two optional compact laser printers, Canon’s Fileprint 450 or Fileprint 250.

Motorized controls allow for Image Rotation, Focusing and Zooming.

User-friendly Scan Panel provides easy access to a wide range of automatic features and user preference settings.

Standard features include Border Removal, Trimming, Centering, Full Framing, Automatic Page Size Detection and Deskew.

The MS-350 converts microfilm to other media, synchronizing film-scanning with image processing, saving, automatic indexing, and forwarding. When used with an optional FS Controller, it gives you fast access to large volumes of information, automatic search and retrieval, and advanced printing features.

TWAIN and ISIS drivers

Digital output image quality with high resolution up to 600 dpi.

Four different scan modes include black-and-white, error diffusion, text enhanced, and 8-bit grayscale with 256 gray levels.

Various output resolutions are useful for saving images as TIFF, BMP, PDF, or JPEG files.

Several interchangeable film carriers provide easy-handling of 16/35mm roll film, ANSI/3M cartridges, fiche, jackets and aperture cards.

Optional image SCAN software offers even more user-friendly control, with a step-by-step training video and easy-to-use touch-screen display. One-touch image correction is just one of many time-saving functions provided by this software.

OSAM provides single-source access to the hardware, supplies, and services for all of your document management needs. OSAM has what you need to get the job done.

For more information about document management technology, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.