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Medical Record Scanning in Phoenix: How Document Management Solutions Benefit Healthcare Organizations (Part 2 of 4)

This blog post is the second of a 4-part series that will describe how document management solutions benefit healthcare organizations.

Gaining Traction in Healthcare Organizations

The healthcare industry has seen an increased demand for document management systems.  Some supporting statistics include:

  • According to a Healthcare IT News survey, more than 36 percent of respondents said they have two or more document management applications within their organization.
  • In a Healthcare Finance News survey, nearly 46 percent reported having two or more document management applications.

Creating Efficiencies through Document Management Solutions

With medical record scanning in Phoenix, you no longer hunt, search or wait for information.  You access records directly from your healthcare software.  In addition, a high-quality document management solution captures content outside your EMR system, such as paper, forms, faxes, graphics, photos and clinical images, and integrates it within your patient records.

Physicians, nurses and staff have thousands of documents readily available. A document management system provides additional performance benefits including:

  • Unified electronic medical records.
  • More time devoted to patients.
  • Faster billing and improved revenue cycle.
  • Collaboration among healthcare organizations.

For more information about document management solutions, continue to visit our blog or contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

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