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Record Management Solutions: Combining Process Automation and AP, Part 4

This series of blog posts provides an overview of how a Phoenix-based insurance company implemented a record management solution that improved productivity, customer service, disaster recovery, and process integrity while holding the line on labor and other costs. In this blog post we will discuss how the record management solution improved the happiness of the insurance company’s customers and employees.

Happy Customers, Happy Employees

Prior to the implementation, the insurance company’s VP of UW estimated that many of the calls to the call center required someone to pull a file from the file room and call a policy holder back. Now, nearly every call can be answered immediately because customer service representatives have immediate access to nearly all documents right from their desktops. More efficient handling of UW and Claims also supports the insurance company’s reputation for professionalism and trustworthiness, which is evidenced by its 98% retention rate.

The insurance company reports that their employees have been happy with the system from the outset. Each department handled its own training with assistance from IT, and the transition was smooth due to the record management solution’s ease of use.

This high quality record management solution is ideally suited to business processes specific to insurance, but an initial solution can be enhanced to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs across an organization. In addition to increasing the number of documents scanned and expanding the solution to include risk management, the insurance company is working with the approved record management solution provider to develop solutions for the Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources departments. As a result, the insurance company will be able to continue to offer its policyholders the highest quality coverage and best possible customer service at the lowest actuarially sound cost.

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