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AP Record Management Software Avoids Three Common Cash Leaks, Part 3

In part 2 of this blog post we discussed the challenges organizations face when they attempt to optimize their AP department. In this blog post we will discuss how record management software allows organizations to eliminate unnecessary cash leaks and automate AP processes with Imaging and Workflow.

The Solution

Record management software solutions for AP enable organizations to capitalize on methods that eliminate unnecessary costs and add value.

Automate AP Processes with Imaging and Workflow. Leave No Discount on the Table. Imaging allows you to electronically capture paper AP documents as soon as they come into the organization, making them immediately available for processing. No more waiting on interoffice mail for accruals decisions or exceptions resolutions that require supporting documents. Record management software’s Workflows automate workload distribution, reviews, and approvals. AP departments process more documents in less time, without custom programming.

  • Eliminate stalled invoices and automate document routing.
  • Easily perform and augment three-way matching, including exceptions resolution.
  • Seize all vendor discounts, improve vendor relationships, and increase favorable terms.

Continue reading the OSAM Document Solutions Blog for more information about how record management software can help your AP Department avoid three common cash leaks or for more information about our record management software, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

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