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Phoenix Document Management Software Keeps Hospitals Running, Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog post we discussed how health information systems (HIS) create the foundation for Phoenix document management software in many healthcare organizations by managing the data that keeps hospitals running. We also discussed how Phoenix document management software can benefit healthcare facilities. In this blog post we will continue to discuss the benefits of this software.

Improve patient care with a more complete EHR

Hunting for information steals time away from nurses and physicians, time that could be spent with patients. Clinicians need all of their patients’ information to be readily accessible from one place. And they need more than just scanned paper. They also need quick access to photos, clinical images, faxes, e-mails – any relevant content. Phoenix document management software captures all of those missing pieces of the patient record with ease.

With this software, physicians and nurses need simply click a link in the HIS and all information relevant to that patient opens up. With the extra time, they can see more patients and spend more time with them. And the more time spent on patient care, the better the outcome.

Speed processes hospital-wide with automated workflows

Storing documents electronically goes a long way in extending an HIS. But the real difference comes when you automate processes. That’s where hospitals find the greatest efficiency. Even the best manual paper processes don’t let staff work as fast as they would like. Phoenix document management software automates workflows and speeds processes in clinical areas, the revenue cycle and administrative areas like accounts payable and human resources.

With Phoenix document management software, hospitals can automatically route documents to the right people at the right time. For example, this software can route AP invoices for payment review. Automatic e-mail notifications keep invoices moving so they’re never forgotten on someone’s desk. Without waiting for needed documents, staff can process more invoices in the same amount of time. This allows them to spend their time working with vendors, not paper. Similar efficiencies can extend to processes throughout your hospital.

Move towards meaningful use by encouraging adoption

Adoption is vitally important to the success of any software implementation. With the new federal healthcare IT standards, achieving and maintaining high adoption rates is key to achieve meaningful use. That means there’s more pressure than ever on EHR adoption.

A solution that only offers part of what users need can slow down adoption. Users are left wondering, “Why don’t I have everything I need?” or “Why do I still have to go looking for information?” On the other hand, when something really makes sense to them, they’re fast converts. With Phoenix document management software for HIS, that’s the kind of solution they have. All the information they need is at their fingertips, making EHR adoption an easy choice for them.

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