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OnBase Document Management System Handles Difficult Balancing Act

Is your HIM (Health Information Management) department a paper warehouse or an information hub? The line between too much access to patient information and not enough is thin. On one side, not enough access can delay patient care and slow billing processes. On the other, too much access violates strict regulations and patient trust. It’s time to let the OnBase document management system handle the balancing act.

With the OnBase document management system, you can give authorized caregivers quick access to the information they need without ever leaving the patient record. Simultaneously, OnBase allows you to prevent unauthorized access with tight security and audit trails. Steps for the release of information are minimized, while tracking and security are automatic.

The OnBase document management system helps you get more out of your HIM department. It allows you to decrease deficiencies and delinquent charts with simultaneous chart coding and analysis. This makes it possible for coders and analysts to work offsite, increasing your competitive edge for these high-demand jobs. With higher productivity and accuracy, bills get out sooner and the revenue cycle is faster.

With OnBase, everyone can get their work done quicker and you can rest easy knowing you’re in full compliance.

  • Provide quick access to patient information
  • Protect patient privacy, prevent security breaches
  • Complete medical records according to standards and regulations faster

For more information about the OnBase document management system, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

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