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Document Capture Software Provides Healthcare Patients Online Access

Online access to health information isn’t a novelty anymore. It’s fast becoming a requirement for patients choosing between different healthcare options. With document capture software, your healthcare organization will stand out by giving patients secure online access to their information. At the same time, you will cut costs and improve cash flow.

From bank accounts to utility bills, patients have quickly grown used to handling personal information over the Internet. They now expect you to allow them to do the same with their medical information. At the same time, you’re under pressure to get a lot more done with less as budgets shrink or plateau.

  • Budget cuts mean you need to eliminate tedious tasks to increase staff productivity and lower operating costs to stay ahead
  • Cash flow has slowed in the tight economy so the billing process must be as speedy and efficient as possible
  • Competition for patients is growing, especially as healthcare options pop-up everywhere, even in drug stores

Nearly 70 percent of U.S. adults look for health information online. Healthcare organizations can build on that trend and stand out against the competition with document capture software. Working with a Health Information System (HIS), document capture software gives patients 24-hour access to appointment scheduling, pre-registration, bill payment, test results, and more.

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