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Capture Missing Pieces with an Arizona Document Management Company

Is your EMR (Electronic Medical Record) really giving you the full picture? Your EMR should be the glue that holds everything together, but sometimes you just don’t have all of the pieces of the puzzle and you can only see part of the patient picture. Decisions are slowed while missing information is hunted down, which ultimately puts patient safety at risk. Our Arizona document management company can help.

Content outside of the EMR – paper, forms, faxes, graphics, photos, videos and clinical images – can make up to 25 percent of patient record, but often this information is difficult for an EMR to capture. And electronic records that have trailing paper can actually be less efficient than having no EMR at all. It’s time to see a complete patient picture.

OSAM’s Arizona document management company can help you capture those missing pieces with ease. By integrating your EMR with OnBase, you never need to go anywhere else to get what you need – no file folders, no separate software. It’s all just a single mouse-click away.

With OnBase, you can spend more time with your patients instead of fumbling for files.

  • Allow caregivers to make better, faster decisions
  • Connect data and documents for a fully unified EMR
  • Integrate with Epic®, Cerner Millennium®, Meditech, Eclipsys® and GE Centricity® EMRs
  • Protect patient privacy and facilitate HIPAA compliance

For more information about our Arizona document management company, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

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