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Document Management Company: Manufacturing Data Management

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Read on to learn about the manufacturing data management services of a document management company. The manufacturing process has drastically changed over the last 20 years. With Lean Manufacturing and now Agile Manufacturing, companies are utilizing new technology – especially manufacturing data management systems – to deploy the latest information to a broader spectrum of partners and affiliates.

OSAM document management company helps manufacturing companies quickly convert their existing content for immediate use. Hyland Onbase WEB access, security control, revision control, workflow processes and cross reference links ensure that the latest information is available to engineering, production and management teams at any location.

More companies are realizing the importance of records data management. With easy access to digital content; the access privileges, security and legal retention period for this content is critical. OSAM provides retention and records management modules as well as Certified Records Management for DoD 5015.2. With integration to line of business software and workflow processes; retention processes can be accurately started, put on hold for legal reasons, and launched for specific disposition practices.

Any engineering content can be imaged at OSAM. Mylar/sepia and vellum drawings, bluelines, and aperture cards can be scanned and indexed for accurate retrieval. OSAM’s experienced team will evaluate your production process and design an index strategy that can cross reference project folders, engineering drawings, ECO’s, accounting information, and other project-critical content.

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Arizona Document Management: Customer Service Workflow

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Customer service is critical to the success of any company. In fact, great customer service can be the difference between keeping a customer loyal and pushing them to the edge of frustration and beyond. OSAM’s customer service workflow and document scanning solutions can provide you with a system that eliminates customer dissatisfaction by giving clients immediate access to their information via email, fax or image.

What We Do
Our Arizona document management company’s customer service workflow solutions help companies convert and scan all their customers’ historical client paperwork to create an automated workflow process designed for maintaining exceptional customer satisfaction.

With OSAM implemented solutions, clients have instant online access to everything from medical records to claims to commission statements. Your customers will no longer have to wait for their information. Customers can log in to a vendor portal or call you directly to request a copy or receive an automatic email on your behalf.

Our Arizona document management company’s customer service workflow solutions make it easier for you to do business with your customers.

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Offer instant access to content via email, fax, images or customer portal
  • Provide guaranteed communication to clients via automated notifications and information
  • Decrease errors on customer information
  • Resolve customer issues in two to three minutes instead of two to three days
  • Reduce processing costs and increase customer savings
  • Improve cycle times and accuracy
  • Reduce client costs

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Implementing Electronic Document Management Software

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Organizations that select quality electronic document management software don’t have to make drastic changes to their IT environments or strategies in order to accommodate the software deployment. A customer-driven philosophy and open architecture make quality electronic document management software suitable for practically any environment, regardless of existing IT resources.

Onsite or OnLine

Despite electronic document management software’s acknowledged rapid deployment and low reliance on professional services, many organizations find that they cannot deploy an ECM solution as quickly as they would like. One of the only advanced hosted ECM solutions offered and supported directly by the software developer; high quality software is ideal for organizations with IT restrictions, budgetary requirements, or an outsourcing business model. Authorized electronic document management software solution providers and OnLine professionals provide consultative expertise to recommend the most appropriate solution.

SysTrust®-certified, OnLine allows organizations to enjoy the functionality and benefits of document management software in a completely outsourced, SAS, 70-certified data center. OnLine has also been granted Microsoft certification in Advanced Infrastructure Solutions Competency with the Hosting Specialization. OnLine provides the option of purchasing perpetual licenses and hosting them in the secure data center or a subscription-based model for the use of the software and infrastructure.

For more information about electronic document management software, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Food & Beverage Document Management, Part 2

Monday, January 24th, 2011

In part 1 of this post, we discussed how our food and beverage document management systems are perfect for Accounts Payable Automation, Accounts Receivable Deduction Management, Finance & Reporting, Human Resources, FDA Traceability Compliance, Facilities Management, and Vendor Management. In this blog post we will further outline the benefits of our food and beverage document management systems.

Finance & Reporting

  • Exception Reporting
  • Shortening of Order-to-Cash Cycles
  • Automation of Procure-to-Pay Cycles
  • Internal Audit capability
  • Expense Reporting

Human Resources

  • Ensure security of sensitive employee information
  • Decrease costly paper-centric departmental processes
  • Receive and route documents automatically
  • Maintain valid employee information
  • Automatically eliminate expired documents to comply with local and federal requirements

FDA Traceability Compliance

  • Eliminate costly audit penalties

Facilities Management

  • Contract Management
  • Safety Processes

Vendor/Customer Management

  • Self-service portal provides query access to specific documentation requested, decreasing time spent and increasing customer service.
  • Sales promos can be advertised via web portal with email notification.
  • Visibility into which customers are viewing promos.
  • Vendor documents can be displayed to vendor with what is still required or out of date. Requests for new information can be posted.

For more information about food and beverage document management, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Food & Beverage Phoenix Document Management

Friday, January 21st, 2011

OSAM’s food and beverage Phoenix document management solutions have helped food service companies reduce costs and save time with a single record repository. OnBase provides one repository, one code base, and one development group. It’s a modular format that allows you to pay only for what you want. Not only that, OnBase solutions offer seven times the number of pre-built conditions and actions offered by other systems.

OSAM has over 30 years of experience and is currently ranked the #1 Arizona document management company by Ranking AZ.

Our Phoenix document management systems in food and beverage are perfect for Accounts Payable Automation, Accounts Receivable Deduction Management, Finance & Reporting, Human Resources, FDA Traceability Compliance, Facilities Management, and Vendor Management.

Accounts Payable Automation

  • Reduce processing time by more than 50%
  • Easily take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Eliminate double pay
  • Eliminate no pay
  • Improve vendor relations

Accounts Receivable Deduction Management

  • Automate  invoice/check comparisons
  • Automate routing of documentation for approvals
  • Reduce processing time and resources
  • One source for special pricing, customer service, accounts receivable, and accounts payable
  • Accurately audit and track all deductions
  • Increase forecast visibility
  • Increase process efficiency

For more information about food and beverage Phoenix document management, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Document Management Company: Insurance Document Management, Part 2

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

As we discussed in Part 1, the insurance document management services of a document management company such as OSAM provide multiple benefits to businesses of all sizes. Read on as we continue our discussion of the advantages of insurance document management services.


OSAM’s OnBase solutions help underwriters balance speed, service and profitability with the precision and accuracy of a tightrope walker. Without OnBase, underwriters are forced to rely on manual, paper-based processes and legacy systems that limit accessibility and put the organization in jeopardy. The speed, risk and profitability concerns that underwriting teams balance can mean the difference to your company’s bottom line. OnBase brings information together from multiple sources to give underwriters the tools they need to most effectively manage risk. No more thumbing through papers and folders or toggling between three separate screens; with OnBase underwriters have all the data they need in one place—at their fingertips.

  • Consistently write accurate, quality policies in a timely manner
  • Automate processing to ensure consistent decisions and reduce risk
  • Provide instant access to all relevant information across applications and repositories
  • Enable instant reporting

Customer Service – Our document management company has developed imaging systems that allow for immediate access to insurance documents at any given time.

  • Automate touch points and increase meaningful customer communication
  • Improve consistency and timeliness of customer communication
  • Respond to customer inquiries faster and enable single-call resolution as well as self-service
  • Identify your best representatives with process transparency

Back Office – OnBase frees operations teams to spend their time working on the projects they were hired to do instead of putting all their efforts into managing paper. In addition to resolving the document management problem, our document management company’s software increases employee productivity and morale, giving them the time and willingness to make a difference for you.

  • Automate agency communications in real-time, including commission statements and policy changes
  • Simplify order processing and three-way matching
  • Never recreate a document again – integrate with virtually any ERP and HR system including SAP, Lawson and PeopleSoft
  • Shorten the hiring cycle to find and hire the best people

For more information about our document management company, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Arizona Document Management Company: Insurance Document Management

Monday, January 17th, 2011

OSAM, an Arizona document management company, provides insurance document management solutions that allow insurance companies to convert and scan their records.  OSAM also creates an automated adjudication claims workflow process for each individual insurance company.

In the insurance industry, it’s all about handling each claim – from the simplest to the most sophisticated – with precision and speed. With this Arizona document management company’s insurance solution, employees no longer have to spend time looking for missing or absent documents. With familiar color-coded tabs and templates, imaging folders can double productivity and save money. Our insurance document management solutions give all insurance departments the ability to perform claims exceptions processing and exceptions from one central imaging repository.

Processing claims faster and more accurately not only better equips you to fight the clock—it actually saves you money, claim after claim. Our Arizona document management company’s insurance document management systems can help you:

  • Reduce claims processing time and cost
  • Handle each claim consistently, from basic to complex
  • Provide instant and automatic access to the right documents
  • Instantly integrate with existing claims handling
  • Reduce errors on data input
  • Reduce the cost of processing and correcting
  • Improve cycle times and accuracy

Insurance companies were among the first to embrace scanning and document management to help control costs and streamline their operations, which depend on the ability to rapidly and accurately process claims and policies. OSAM has implemented advanced capture software to scan and process the full spectrum of insurance documents. Many respected insurance companies have chosen OSAM to help them capture policies, applications, claims and enrollments.

For more information about our Arizona document management company, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

OSAM’s OnBase Accounts Receivable Solutions

Friday, January 14th, 2011

OSAM’s OnBase Accounts Receivable solutions help to clear the clutter of orders and payment documentation that are faxed, mailed or electronically delivered according to the method preferred by customers. OnBase Accounts Receivable Workflow and Imaging solutions eliminate wasted time and improve Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) so agencies can see where they stand.

  • Accelerate cash flow cycles
  • Reduce risk of misapplied cash
  • Easily identify and record discounts, deductions
  • Help establish/enforce credit policies
  • Optimize forecasting and strategic planning with real-time reporting
  • Provide portal-based web access to documents or reports for remote employees, customers
  • Instantly obtain account status including all documentation and history notes
  • Auto-notify customers and management if accounts fall outside acceptable terms
  • Disputes are easily addressed with documents at the fingertips of both employees and customers
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce payment cycle time
  • Reclaim floor space and other resources devoted to maintaining paper-based files

Case Study
A Top 100 U.S. staffing firm reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) in Accounts Receivable after implementing OSAM’s OnBase Accounts Receivable Workflow and Imaging solution that automated the weekly printing, matching and mailing of 1,200 invoices with 6,000 timecards each week. Ninety-five percent of client invoices are now sent electronically, reducing AR processing time by more than 60% and saving $150,000 annually

For more information about OSAM’s accounts receivable solutions, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

OSAM’s OnBase Accounts Payable Solution

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

OSAM’s OnBase Accounts Payable solution enables organizations to capitalize on methods that eliminate unnecessary costs and add value. Automate your AP processes with Accounts Payable Workflow and Imaging and leave no discount on the table.

Why OnBase?
With OnBase Accounts Payable Workflow and Imaging solutions, eliminate the bottlenecks that add time, cost and risk. Process automation with electronic document management allows agencies to process more documents in less time.

  • Eliminate stalled invoices and automate document routing
  • Easily perform and augment three-way matching, including exceptions resolution
  • Seize all vendor discounts, improve vendor relationships, and increase favorable terms
  • Optimize approvals, payment cycles and reporting
  • Lower costs and risk of accrual misstatement
  • Take on volume increases without additional staffing
  • Automate matching of invoices and checks to save many man-hours per week
  • Easily pass audits with quicker access to needed documents and transaction histories
  • Resolve vendor disputes instantly with supporting documents at user’s fingertips – POs, invoices and packing slips
  • Replace costly, error-prone paper processes with automated records management

Case Study
The Lee County Clerk of the Circuit Court implemented an OnBase Solution that allows AP Clerks and Board Approvers to process 10,000 invoices a month – much more efficiently than with the prior paper-based system. OSAM’s Accounts Payable solution reduced invoice approval processing times by 80%, improved auditing capabilities, and supported initiatives to allow employees to work from home.

For more information about OSAM’s accounts payable solution, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Human Resources Document Management Phoenix, Part 2

Monday, January 10th, 2011

In part 1 of this blog post we discussed the tremendous amount of paperwork that commonly infiltrates every area of the human resources department and how OSAM’s human resources document management in Phoenix solution can be the antidote to your HR headaches. This part of the blog post will further demonstrate how OnBase can benefit various areas of your HR department.

Hiring – OnBase frees recruiters and hiring managers from paperwork so they can focus on finding the talent. From sorting and distributing applications and resumes to the right people, to scheduling interviews, to creating and sending correspondence; OnBase handles the busywork so you don’t have to.

Compliance – Scan or import documents into OnBase to auto-file them into the right electronic folders. Role-based security means that document-viewing is limited to the employees. If anything is missing, OnBase lets you know. And when it’s time for documents to be destroyed, it happens automatically according to the rules you set. Plus, OnBase ensures that employee files are complete, accurate and up to date. Now that’s compliance anyone can manage.

Payroll – OnBase integrates with your payroll software to keep documents in synch with data. This way you can make and track changes faster and easier. Real-time reports provide answers fast; electronic forms keep track of what changed and why. It all means the one constant your employees can count on is a correct paycheck. And that makes everybody happy.

For more information about human resources document management Phoenix, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.