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Data Capture Software: Integration Modules

Read on to find out more about the latest data capture software developed by Hyland Software, Inc.  OnBase® is an integrated suite of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software solutions built upon on a central content repository.  Customers from small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) to the world’s largest enterprises use OnBase to drive down the cost and time it takes to complete business processes, reduce their susceptibility to risk, and comply with government regulations.

Introducing new or additional technology into a business infrastructure represents a long-term commitment to overcome particular challenges or to improve the way in which the business operates.  The process of selecting that technology should result in the identification of a true solution.  A true solution should not only prove its capability of meeting the challenges of the business, but should also assimilate into that business in a way that is not only non-intrusive, but actually enriches the value of surrounding technologies and processes.

The OnBase solution has been developed in real business environments where the need for integration with other technologies has been a key factor for both user and organizational acceptance.  OnBase provides a dual-threaded approach to integrating with other technologies.  Specific product integrations with industry leading applications and platforms will continue to remain at the forefront of the OnBase solution.  OnBase can be embedded into Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, for example.  This kind of integration enables large numbers of users to add an extra dimension to their information resources while remaining in a widely accepted, established software experience.

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