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Document Management Technology: Canon Microfilm Scanner 350

Friday, October 29th, 2010

In today’s post we will provide an overview and discuss the features of the latest document management technology, specifically focusing on the Canon microfilm scanner 350.

With many automatic and motorized functions, the MS-350 is the premium microfilm scanner suitable for all of your business needs. All primary controls are also available on the Remote Keyboard, providing the convenience and expediency necessary for busy operators as well as those with disabilities.

The MS-350 gives you the ability to easily and efficiently retrieve images and convert film archives into digital files with Canon’s bundled CapturePerfect Software for printing, e-mailing, faxing, or storage.

Print from your local or network printer, or turn your microfilm scanner into a high-productivity Digital Microprinter System with the optional DMP board and one of Canon’s compatible compact laser printers. The Canon Fileprint 450 laser printer, with large-capacity paper cassettes, delivers high-quality laser printouts from letter to ledger-size. For optimum efficiency, there’s Canon’s economical Fileprint 250 laser printer for letter-sized printing. A real space-saver, its reliable output will enhance your workflow.

The MS-350 comes bundled with Canon’s powerful CapturePerfect software for convenient Scan to E-mail, Save-as-PDF, Text-Enhancement, Image Quality Adjustments, and more ‒ right from your desktop!

Add the optional DMP board and you can turn your microfilm scanner into a high-productivity Digital Microprinter System with one of two optional compact laser printers, Canon’s Fileprint 450 or Fileprint 250.

Motorized controls allow for Image Rotation, Focusing and Zooming.

User-friendly Scan Panel provides easy access to a wide range of automatic features and user preference settings.

Standard features include Border Removal, Trimming, Centering, Full Framing, Automatic Page Size Detection and Deskew.

The MS-350 converts microfilm to other media, synchronizing film-scanning with image processing, saving, automatic indexing, and forwarding. When used with an optional FS Controller, it gives you fast access to large volumes of information, automatic search and retrieval, and advanced printing features.

TWAIN and ISIS drivers

Digital output image quality with high resolution up to 600 dpi.

Four different scan modes include black-and-white, error diffusion, text enhanced, and 8-bit grayscale with 256 gray levels.

Various output resolutions are useful for saving images as TIFF, BMP, PDF, or JPEG files.

Several interchangeable film carriers provide easy-handling of 16/35mm roll film, ANSI/3M cartridges, fiche, jackets and aperture cards.

Optional image SCAN software offers even more user-friendly control, with a step-by-step training video and easy-to-use touch-screen display. One-touch image correction is just one of many time-saving functions provided by this software.

OSAM provides single-source access to the hardware, supplies, and services for all of your document management needs. OSAM has what you need to get the job done.

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What to Expect From an Electronic Document Management System in AZ

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

A reputable document management system should have a Technical Services Group responsible for maintaining and servicing all document scanning equipment including document, microfilm, and microfiche scanners purchased by customers. Most often these machines are used to transfer documents into a customer’s electronic document management system, so it is very important that a Technical Services Group be available to service them promptly. Members of the group should be tested and certified by the individual manufacturers as to competencies and technical expertise in the repair of such products.

A high-quality electronic document management system in AZ will be able to provide fast and secure online support for any Electronic Document Management System in AZ (EDMS) through an interactive Web program. This online support provides the following benefits:

• Drastically reduced call times
• Faster problem definition and resolution via remote access
• Reduced repeat calls for the same issue
• Decreased call escalation
• Fewer support errors

Here is how an interactive Web program works:

• Customers engage an electronic document management system’s solution engineers using a strategically placed hyperlink on their Web site or via telephone.
• A solutions engineer monitoring the queue is alerted immediately and opens a support session with the customer.
• Via remote access, the solutions engineer is able to see the user’s computer over the Internet, allowing the engineer to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently.

Remote access and control is only used if permitted by the customer. The process is easy to understand for both novice and advanced computer users thanks to permission prompts that are formulated as simple “Yes/No” questions.

We hope the above will help you find the perfect electronic document management system for your company’s needs!

For more information about an electronic document management system in AZ, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

What to Expect From an Electronic Document Management System in Arizona

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Are you considering acquiring the services of an electronic document management system in Arizona? Or, are you thinking about replacing or upgrading the services of an electronic document management system you already have? Then by all means, read on as we provide a brief description of the services of an electronic document management company and discuss what to expect from their support staff.

A high-quality document management system will provide dynamic, customized document management solutions. They should have the document management knowledge, experience, and product diversity to allow them to utilize state-of-the-art software and procedures to ensure success with every project. A superior electronic document management system should have a certified consulting staff to recommend, implement, and support a document management system that will allow you to access information immediately.

If you need to replace, upgrade, or add to an existing electronic document management system in Arizona, look for a company that provides these dynamic and customized solutions. Make sure the company you find can implement this electronic document management system and ensure your ongoing success with high-quality hardware and software support from a knowledgeable, certified staff.

A high-quality document management company will be able to support their customers in all systems solutions they implement, especially electronic document management solutions. They will have a Software Support Group, trained and certified to service their customers through online remote as well as onsite support. Additionally, they will have a Technical Support Group to service and maintain any customer-owned hardware.

A superior electronic document management system will have a Professional Services Group responsible for the support of all enterprise document management software solutions they implement. Their software installations should range from stand-alone to enterprise-wide systems developed by industry leaders known for their innovative, contemporary, and practical approach to information management during its lifecycle.

For more information about an electronic document management system in Arizona, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Records Management: Digital Check Scanners, Part 2

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Read below as we further explore the features and benefits of the records management technology we first touched upon in Part 1 of this blog post.

This new records management technology allows E13B or CMC7 MICR codelines to be read magnetically. Additionally, there is an optional programmable ink-jet backside endorser that can endorse the checks with customized information, logos, dates, and/or sequential numbers.

As each check is scanned by the records management technology, it is analyzed before thresholding into black and white to provide a sharp, easy-to-read image. Either 4-bit (16 shades) or 8-bit (256 shades) grayscale images may be captured. When combined with the anti-paper skew transport, this makes for superior OCR/ICR recognition of machine print, courtesy amounts and legal amounts, signatures, and name/address information. As a second quality check, the MICR codeline can be re-read using optical character recognition, which complements the magnetic read to capture the information even on poorly printed checks.

This records management technology is designed to be quick and easy to integrate. The standard USB-port (Universal Serial Bus) provides plug-and-play connection, so there is no need to purchase separate interface boards or even open the controlling PC. Digital Check Corporation provides software tools in support of the transport. For immediate usage, a batch scanning software application is available.

Finally, the two-sided scanning ability and rear-side endorse capabilities of this new records management technology allow it to be used in many applications including check cashing, securities payments, teller window processing, corporate payments, lock box, and exception processing. Locations may be as diverse as cruise ships, corporate offices, casinos, or retail stores on top of the more traditional branch banking.

For more information about records management, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Records Management Technology: Digital Check Scanners, Part 1

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Do you own or operate a business that has a vested interest in records management technology? Do you own or operate a business that could benefit from a compact countertop digital check scanner? Then this blog post is for you. Read on as we discuss recent advancements in records management technology, specifically digital check scanners.

The latest in records management technology is a digital check scanner that creates high quality images of both sides of a check, which can be stored locally for audit and historical research, or quickly transmitted to a bank’s central proof operation. The front of the check is obviously required for account details, amount information and original signature verification; but this records management technology simultaneously captures the important endorsements on the back of the check as well. In addition, the scanner is able to add the user’s custom endorsement.

Scanning the checks at the point of entry allows the images of the checks to be electronically approved and balanced with the amount entered. When the physical check arrives, power encoding can ensure fast clearance. This records management technology positions a user for electronic check processing, which accelerates check clearance and improves customer service.

This new records management technology is designed for distributed applications that require high performance, two-sided check scanning with limited volume. Needing less than 5” x 9” of space, the check scanner easily fits into small areas such as a teller window area, a retail store cashier’s desk, or a back office.

When items are hand fed, the check scanner provides simultaneous two-sided scanning at over 16 inches/sec with MICR codeline capture. The result is that both sides of the check are scanned, MICR is read, and the check is endorsed in less than one second. This speed ensures that customers do not wait in line while their checks are captured.

Stay tuned for the second part of our Records Management Technology blog post!

For more information about records management technology, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Document Capture Software Automated CD Publishing, Part 2

Monday, October 4th, 2010

As we discussed in the previous post, innovative document capture software is an integrated suite of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software solutions built upon on a central content repository. Read on to find out the business benefits, technical features, and system requirements of this software.

Who Will Benefit
With Automated CD Publishing, end users save time since they no longer need to manually locate and publish the appropriate documents for each defined interval. Accuracy is also increased because publish jobs containing the required documents are guaranteed to be published and properly labeled by the Rimage unit.

Technical Features
• Publish job definitions need to be configured just once for the appropriate publish jobs to occur as scheduled ‒ no further user input required
• Utilizes user group rights to allow specific users only the privilege to set up or alter the schedule
• Shares the Rimage CD or DVD burning system with features like automated backups or automated envelope exports

Business Benefits
• Reduces manual effort required to produce interval-based publish jobs
• Guarantees all necessary publish jobs occur
• Increases accuracy by ensuring CD/DVDs are produced when required and properly labeled
• Improves resource usage by allowing off-hours publishing activity

System Requirements
• Sybase SQL Server Anywhere Standalone version 5.5, 7 or 8
• Matching Sybase Runtime version to Standalone version listed above
• Document Capture Software Export
• Document Capture Software Publishing
• Document Capture Software Automated CD Authoring or DVD Authoring
• Rimage CD/DVD producer Unit and software

For more information about document capture, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.

Document Imaging Software Automated CD Publishing, Part 1

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Innovative document imaging software is an integrated suite of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software built upon on a central content repository. Customers including small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) as well as the world’s largest enterprises all use document imaging software to drive down the cost and time it takes to complete business processes, reduce their susceptibility to risk, and comply with government regulations.


What It Is
The document imaging software Automated CD Publishing module extends imaging software publishing to a lights-out operation. Instead of having people dedicated to launching publish jobs directly through the Client, with this module they can define the publish jobs in advance and have the document imaging software system produce CD or DVD output for them automatically at pre-determined intervals throughout the year.

How It Works
Automated CD Publishing gives users the ability to select a group of documents for monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual publishing. The publish jobs are scheduled to be created at these specified intervals and will be written to CD or DVD media via your Rimage unit.

The user has control over the number of days the system must wait after the publishing period has completed to produce a CD or DVD. In this way, if all documents for the publishing period are not available until 5 or 10 days after the period is over, the document imaging software will wait until that delay period is over before launching the job. Additionally, the job can be scheduled to begin at a particular time of day in order to utilize system resources after hours or after maintenance downtime has completed.

The user can also employ the document imaging software to control the content as well as the label layout on the CDs or DVDs to be published. Any job-specific, user-defined static strings can be configured to appear on the label along with the start and end date of the publishing period to differentiate each disc produced throughout the year.

For more information about document imaging software, contact OSAM Document Solutions, Inc.