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Data Capture Software Document Distribution, Part 1

Innovative data capture software is an integrated suite of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software solutions built upon on a central content repository. Customers ranging from small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) to the world’s largest enterprises use document capture software for their daily operating needs. They all choose to use this software because it drives down the cost and time it takes to complete business processes, reduces their susceptibility to risk, and allows them to comply with government regulations.

Leveraging a single and secure content repository that can be scaled to manage billions of content objects, document capture software provides a modular suite of ECM applications including Production Document Imaging, Document Management, COLD/ERM, Business Process Management, and Records Management. These applications are used to capture, process, distribute, and manage the lifecycle of the content that drives a company’s core operations. Document capture software can regulate accounts payable, claims processing, loan approval, medical billing, and compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. Depending on a company’s needs, it can be installed on premise, delivered as a hosted service over the Internet, or deployed in any combination thereof.

Data Capture Software Document Distribution
Data capture software’s Document Distribution feature maximizes the capabilities of the software’s Image Statements by managing the process of electronic delivery. With Document Distribution, documents are delivered directly to the intended recipients, eliminating the need for paper, printing and postage costs. Based on a recipient’s profile, document capture software can distribute the statement in TIFF, RTF or PDF format for e-mails and web postings. The system also provides the option of attaching a customized cover letter, e-mail message, or promotional document to a statement.

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