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Capture Software for Explanation of Benefits, Part 1

Today’s topic is capture software for Explanation of Benefits. Hospitals and group medical practices – commonly called Providers – face a significant capture challenge every day: processing the remittance paperwork that accompanies payment from health insurance carriers, a document known as an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)..
The challenge Providers face is the accurate processing of each EOB – they must determine whether full payment has been received and the claim can be closed or if it has not and must be resubmitted. Since EOB data is used to update the remittance processing system and patient medical records, there is often significant data entry involved.

Capture Software for EOBs
Capture software for EOBs can streamline and automate EOB review and data entry, enabling you to quickly credit payments and identify claims that have not been fully paid. Capture software for EOBs can help your organization:

  • Increase data entry efficiency and accuracy.
  • Ensure complete remittance advice transactions are delivered to your
    accounts receivable system.
  • Balance EOBs to check received.
  • Index EOB images for archival purposes.
  • Successfully exports data in 835 format.

Capture software for EOBs uses optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically read data from scanned EOB’s, then uses validations and math calculations to total the transaction line items and compare them to each subtotal, thereby ensuring balanced patient information.

Capture software for EOBs provides you with productivity tools to speed processing and assure accurate data. Relieved of manual data entry tasks, EOB processors simply view a verification panel that enables them to quickly check each claim and service line. Shortcuts and hotkeys enable them to fix low confidence characters quickly and efficiently. Lines that do not balance are highlighted in red for an operator to swiftly determine a course of action. Finally, all data is properly formatted for delivery to your remittance processing and patient records systems.

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