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Why Outsource to a Phoenix Document Management Company? Part 1

Outsourcing your back file scanning services to a Phoenix document management company is beneficial for numerous reasons. The integration of electronic document management systems and other document capture and processing services are complex. Aside from the equipment and staff requirements, the process for back file scanning is significantly different than day-forward scanning.

Once you have become an expert in all aspects of the scanning process that a document management company has expertise in: hardware/ software, document preparation, scanning, indexing, quality assurance, and document tracking methodologies, how useful will this information be once the back file conversion has been completed?  In most cases it’s useless because it is a one-time event.  Listed below are reasons to outsource your back file scanning requirements to a document management company.

Back file / Day-forward efficiency

Staff can be trained for the day-forward techniques of scanning quickly, without adding temporary staff. This will reduce equipment cost, setup and maintenance, and reduce the exponential magnitude of problems caused by error.  The agency can begin day-forward scanning shortly after back file scanning and the document management company will help develop data import and naming conventions to eliminate overlap errors.

Hardware / software support

Extending beyond scanning services, a Phoenix document management company’s Project Managers have experience dealing with various hardware and software systems.  The document management company’s team has the ability to customize a variety of solutions to meet your needs without burdening you with expensive software customizing fees.

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