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What is Document Content Management, Part 1

Document content management controls the life cycle of your organizations documents – how they are created, published, reviewed and consumed as well as how they are ultimately retained or disposed. Although the term “management” refers to top-down control of that information, an effective document content management system should reflect the culture of the specific organization using it. The tools your organization uses for document management should be flexible and allow you to control documents’ life cycles.

A well-designed document content management system should promote finding and sharing information easily. The system should organize content in a logical way as well as make it easy to standardize the creation of content and presentation across an enterprise. It should promote knowledge management as well as information mining. It should help your organization meet legal responsibilities and provide features at each stage of a specific document’s life cycle, from document authoring to template creation, publishing, auditing, reviewing and destroying or archiving.

Elements of a Document Content Management System

An effective document content management solution specifies:

  • What types of documents and content can and is created within a specific organization
  • What metadata to provide to each type of document
  • What template to use for each document
  • Where to store documents
  • How to control access to a specific document
  • How to move documents within an organization as team member contribute to a specific documents review, creation, approval disposition and publication
  • What policies to apply to documents to ensure document-related actions are audited
  • How documents are converted as the move from on stage to the next during their life cycles
  • How documents are treated as corporate records

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