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Choosing the Right Records management Technology, Part 2

Generating a long and varied list of possible records management technology solutions will offer you a drastic advantage over the usual approach, which is to come up with just a few alternatives to choose from. By developing specific criteria for you decision and by assigning particular weights to each one, you will ultimately bring objectivity to your process and will be able to avoid the temptation of simply selecting the easiest answer.

If you limit yourself to a few alternatives it is much more likely that you will overlook the best records management technology solution. The first three or four ideas that come to mind may not be your best solution. Generating an all-embracing list is a better way to start. This way, you will improve your chance of exploring more unusual and innovative records management technology solutions. Try to generate a list of twenty possible solutions and then ask yourself the following:

  • Were you able to avoid making comments or passing judgment on the possible solutions as they were raised?
  • Were you able to think outside your own expertise and experience?
  • Do you understand each possible solution?
  • Did you go for a high quantity – at least 20 possible solutions?

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