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Choosing the Right Electronic Document Management Technology, Part 3

After generating a comprehensive list of electronic document management technology solutions, you can now determine which option that you have gathered is the best. It is highly unlikely that every option is capable of producing the specific results you want or need. The following sub-tasks will allow you to compose a short list of the best possible options:

  • Develop a criteria for you selections and assign weights
  • Apply the criteria
  • Choose the best four to six technology solutions

When you are developing your criteria and weights to use in your decision-making process it is important to clearly define each factor. Next, apply this criterion in terms of “weight”. In other words, how important is cost? Is it the only factor driving your decision? Or are there other equally important factors? The weighting percentage used should total 100 percent.

Weighting the criteria is important because it helps you choose the best electronic document management solutions. This is an effective tool due to the fact that it compares your potential solutions objectively as well as guarantees equal consideration for alternative solutions. The problems that you identify and the solutions that you select will define the course of your document strategy. Use the ideas in this article to strengthen your decision-making process and select the best electronic document management technological solutions to suit your needs.

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